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ANS 2012
I'm worried about internet credit fraud. How secure is online registration?

Very. We collect your contact details and registration preferences via a https:// online webpage. There should be a little padlock on your browser to confirm this. Your credit card details are also processed by eWay on a secure https:// webpage. eWay is a well respected e-commerce merchant, and you can find more information about them at www.eway.com.au . Secure webpages encrypt all the information to and from your browser, so that even if the information were to be intercepted, it would be unreadable. Furthermore, eWay processes your credit card and transfers the funds directly to ANS 2012, your credit card details are never transmitted to ANS 2012, nor stored on any ANS 2012 computers.

Online Registration FAQ

We've tried to anticipate and answer some of the commonly asked questions about the online registration process. Please read!

Exactly what does the online registration involve?

The online registration is a multistep but straightforward process:

  1. You carefully fill out your details on the online form.
  2. You press the continue button and are then taken to a page where you may check your details. You may choose to cancel the registration, in which case you will be transferred back to the ANS 2012 page. Or you may finalise the registration by clicking the button to transfer you to the eWay secure e-commerce site.
  3. At the eWay site you enter your valid credit card details, and click the button to process the transaction. eWay connects to the bank, and after a short wait you will be advised of the success/failure of the transaction.
  4. You must then click the finalise button on the eWay site to transfer back to the ANS 2012 site where you are advised of the overall success/failure of your online registration. Registrations are only completed if a successful credit card transaction has occurred AND you have transferred back to ANS 2012.
    Please note - at this stage, some browsers will pop up a courtesy window informing you that you are leaving a secure site for an insecure site. You can safely ignore this warning, as all sensitive credit details have already been processed on the secure (https:) eWay site.
  5. If successful, your details are sent to the ANS 2012 Secretariat. Congratulations, you are registered for ANS 2012! You will be posted a GST Tax Invoice and confirmation details of your registration.

Can the online form be hacked so that I send my credit details to someone other than ANS 2012 or eWay?

Apart from the time you spend online at eWay, the online form is processed entirely by CGI scripts hosted on the Sally Jay Conferences web server at https://www.sallyjayconferences.com.au . These scripts will ONLY run from this server, and have many security features built in to prevent them being hacked or misused. You can check in the address bar of your browser that you are at https://www.sallyjayconferences.com.au or https://www.eway.com.au and have not been transferred to a bogus site.

My surname is St John, but when I look at my eWay customer name it is StJohn, without any spaces. Why?

eWay requires your first name, surname, email address and amount to process. It requires this information without any spaces. We remove the spaces from your names to send your details to eWay, but we retain the original spelling in the actual details submitted to the ANS 2012 secretariat.

How may I keep track of the status of online registration?

After the online transaction you will receive:

  1. An automatic email from ANS 2012/eWay with a detailed transaction status and an eWay transaction number.
  2. An automatic email from the ANS 2012 site with your overall registration status and, if successful, a ANS 2012 online registration number.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Additionally, your credit card statement should also show a transaction to Sally Jay Conferences. Please keep these emails for your records, as the eWay transaction number and the ANS 2012 registration number will make it easier to track your registration. For instance, if you know that your eWay transaction was successful, but your ANS 2012 registration failed, then quote the eWay number to us and we will be able to determine if the funds were received, and register you manually. Similarly, if your registration was approved and you heard nothing back and received no receipt from the ANS 2012 secretariat, then contact us with the ANS 2012 registration number, so that we may track you down in our database. In the extremely unlikely event of credit fraud, any bogus ANS 2012 registration number you may have been assigned will be instantly recognisable as such to us.

I click buttons but nothing seems to happen, what is going on?

When you click on any of the buttons during the online registration, it takes a certain amount of time to communicate with the webservers. If you are not in Australia, it can take longer because of network congestion. Dialup modem users may also experience a delay. Please do not click buttons multiple times , you will confuse the poor computers! Click a button and wait 60 seconds. If nothing has happened after that time, then hit the stop button on your browser, and try clicking the button again. If you really have no luck, then contact the ANS 2012 secretariat ans@sallyjayconferences.com.au